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Create an eNewsletter Template                                                                                                  

Create an eNewsletter Template

An eNewsletter template provides your office with a shell for eNewsletters.  Your office may have one or many templates to use.  Once the template has been created, you can create content for the eNewsletter.  You can use IQ to insert images, videos, text, eSurveys, or eForms into the new eNewsletter Template.

Create an eNewsletter Template

1.From the Outreach menu select eNewsletter Template in the New column.

2.You may select a Saved Template, Basic Template or Recently Sent template as your starting point.

3.Enter a name for the new template in the Name field.

4.The Status field defaults to Draft. Note: If your office uses the Request Approval process, you will not be able to change the status to Approved.

5.If needed, enter an optional default Subject and/or From email address for the new template. 

6.In the Settings panel, select the colors and fonts you want to use for the background, heading, link, text, and buttons. 

7.In the Section panel, you can set the background color and text color, font and size for the Banner, add and adjust the color of button icons, etc.

8.To add an image, use the image icon  in the HTML editor.

9.To add a URL hyperlink select the link icon  in the HTML editor.

10.To add text, type or paste the content in place.


Important Note:

If you are copying content for your eNewsletter template from a Word document or a website, it is recommended that you strip out all the formatting in the content and reformat using the HTML editor.  Microsoft Word and web pages contain hidden formatting that will not render predictably in all email clients.  The best practice is to handle all formatting within the HTML editor.

To strip out formatting, use the Paste as Text option


11.Update all sections of the eNewsletter template that you want to use each time you create a new eNewsletter.  Typically, this will include, but not be limited to, banner images, menu options, images, header information, social media icons with links to your office sites, and so on.

12.When you are finished entering and formatting content, select the Save button.

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