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Handle Open and Unassigned Messages                                                                                                  

Handle Open and Unassigned Messages

All incoming in-district emails will be found in the Open and Unassigned query link on the Messages Big Menu.  The Messages in this category have been placed there by the Internet Mail Agent (IMA) and will be only be assigned to the User or Users configured in the User IDs that can only be assigned mail by IMA System Configuration Setting in the Email Inbound Configuration Section. 

Open and Unassigned Messages will require review and reassignment.  You may find Email Campaign Messages in this list.

Locate Open and Unassigned Messages

1.To locate all Open and Unassigned Messages, use the All Open and Unassigned Messages link in the Messages Big Menu.

2.A List View with all Open and Unassigned Messages appears.

Locate Email Campaign Messages

1.To locate all Open and Unassigned Messages in an Email Campaign, use the Campaign Name filter on the left of the Open and Unassigned List View.

2.Once you have located an Email Campaign, you can process it as recommended in the Managing Email Campaigns Help Topic.

Locate Non-Campaign Messages

1.Once you have processed the Campaign Emails, you can proceed with processing the Non-Campaign Emails.  Select None in the Campaign Name filter.

2.Type a key word in the Filter Text field.

3.The Filter Text search locates all Emails with the word or phrase in the incoming Message.

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