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Manage Saved Searches                                                                                                  

Manage Saved Searches

You can edit or delete your Saved Searches to remove the searches you no longer need. 


Locate and Edit Saved Searches

1.Select the Favorites Star  located above the Big menu.

2.All saved searches appear in the Saved Favorites section in the Favorites dialog.

3.Click the pencil to edit the name of the Saved Search or place it in another IQ4 Module menu.  Click the Save button to save and close the edit dialog.

4.Select the X to delete the Saved Search.


Delete Saved Searches

In addition to deleting the Saved Search from the Favorites dialog (see above), it is also possible to delete a Saved Search in the IQ4 Module menu.

1.Open the IQ4 Module menu you would like to delete the saved search.

2.Click the gear icon located in the upper right corner.

3.Select the red X next to the saved search you would like to delete.

4.IQ displays the message "Are you sure you want to delete this Saved Search Favorite?"

5.Click OK to confirm deletion.

Important Note:

To learn how to set up Saved Searches, review the Save Favorite Searches topic.

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