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About Services


Your office may be called upon to assist members of the public with casework, or you may have an internal business process that you use to approve documents or memos.  The IQ Services menu provides the option to create new services, attach or locate Agency Contacts, send correspondence, and pass the service along to other IQ groups or users for further processing.


IQ Services are generally custom-designed for your internal business processes by creating Service templates with predetermined steps, actions and data fields. This allows you to keep track of which actions and steps have been performed and which still need to be completed, along with who is responsible for completing each task.


Steps and Actions


Services divides multi-part tasks into steps and actions. A step is a group of actions that are normally performed by the same IQ user. The number and function of steps is determined by the Service template that was used to create the Service. Some templates have just one step, and some include multiple steps. The number of steps depends on the business process that the template is being used for. Templates are set up so that certain conditions, or rules, must be met before a step can be completed.


Routing and Ownership


Services can be routed (queued) to one or more users, or to a pre-defined group of users. The first user to open a queued Service is given the opportunity to acquire ownership of it. If the user does, then the Service record is assigned to that user; if user doesn't it remains queued.


If the Service includes only one step, the owner must complete the step before closing the Service. If the Service includes multiple steps, the owner must complete the step before routing it to someone else for the next step. Only when the last step is completed can the owner close the Service. 


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