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IQ4 Library

The IQ Library is where you will store any Form Letters or commonly used files for use in Messages or Services.  IQ offers the option to use an electronic approval process for any new Form Letters used in your office. 


In general, Form Letters are created in order to merge data from your IQ database into outgoing Messages.  Files are maintained in IQ if you want to have control over the version of forms or other types of files that may be attached to Services or Messages.  You can maintain press clippings or press releases, frequently used authorization forms, image files and more in the IQ Library.  Form Letters and Files are updated using version control, which allows you to determine a single active version of any file that you want to be available to all IQ users.



Important Note:

There are two distinct styles used in IQ to create Form Letters.  The first, the Classic Style, integrates with Microsoft Word, and uses a "Check Out" and "Check In" process to make updates to Form Letters and Form Letter Templates.

The second, the Content Editor Style, uses an HTML editor to update content and the Email format.  The Print Format is still checked out and in for editing.

An office may have some of each type of Form Letter.  Typically, whether a Form Letter is Classic Style, or Content Editor style depends on the format you select when creating a new Form Letter.  If you select a Classic Style Format, you will produce a Classic Style letter.  If you select a Content Editor style Format, you will produce a Content Editor Style letter.


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