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Create a Quick Event                                                                                                  

Create a Quick Event

if you are in a hurry and want to record an upcoming Event quickly, you can use the Quick Event option in the Events Big Menu.  This allows you to enter a minimum amount of information to hold an Event and Synch it with Outlook.  Later, when you have more time or more information you can open the Event to add more detail.

Create a Quick Event

1.Open the Events Menu, and select the Quick Event link in the New column.

2.Enter all Calendars you would like to have this Event.

3.Enter the Start Date and Time.

4.Enter the End Date and Time.

5.Enter a Subject.

6.Enter any Notes you would like to add.

7.Use the Save button to save this Event in IQ only.  Use the Save and Sync button to save this Event in IQ and synchronize it with Outlook.

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