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Save as List                                                                                                  

Save as List

In addition to saving searches, you can save the results of your search as a List.  The results you save in the list are static, meaning the saved record IDs will not change over time, even if additional records are entered into IQ with the same criteria you used to create the list. 

Save as List

To save a List of records for future use:

1.Open the Big Menu for the type of record you want to save as a List.

2.Select one of the search options in the Find column on the Big Menu.

3.Once the List View appears, use the Filters to narrow your search to the records you would like to save.

4.Open the More button at the top of the List View.

5.Select Save List from the More Menu.




          6. Select Yes to select all records in the List.     

          7. Type a meaningful List Name.




8.Enter a Description.

9.IQ will automatically remove your list after a year. Select a shorter time frame, such as One month, or select Never if you do want IQ automatically delete your saved list.

10.Select the Save button.

View a Saved List

To view a saved list, open the Big Menu for the record type of the List you saved.

1.In the Utilities section of the Big Menu, open the List option

2.All Saved Lists for that record type appear in a List View.

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