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Use Personal Tags                                                                                                  

Use Personal Tags

You can use Personal Tags to sort records in meaningful categories as you process Messages, Services, Contacts, Files, or Form Letters. 

Set Up Tags

1.To create a list of tags, use the Gear icon  at the upper right corner of the Search Results List for the type of records you are processing.

2.Select Set Up Tags.

3.Enter up to twenty personal tags.

4.Click the Save and Exit button.

Set Tags

1.Open a list of records (Contacts, Message, Service, or Library) in the List view.

2.To select a tag for an individual record, click the Tag name (i.e. Email Primary) in the list of tags.

3.The selected tag (i.e. Email Primary) is displayed in blue in place of the list of available tags.

Filter by Personal Tag

1.From the Messages menu, select My Tagged Messages.  You also have the option to locate Tagged Contacts, Tagged Services, or Tagged Library Files in their respective menus.

2.When the list of records opens, use the Personal Tag filter option to locate the records with the tags you wish to view.

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