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Add a Note to a Service                                                                                                  

Add a Note to a Service

As you process a Service, you may want to enter notes in your Service record to record ongoing information you receive, discussions you have with persons associated with the Service, or thoughts about the Service that might be of use to other IQ users that may need to understand issues related to the Service.

Add a Note

1.To add a note to a Service, use the Note feature in the Activity Panel of the Service record.

2.The Note section is open by default, however if you have been using the Activity panel for another activity, you can return to the Note feature by clicking the notepad  icon.

3.Type the note in the text box. You can apply Bold, Italic, Underline or change the Text or Background color using the pop-up tool bar.  

4.When you are finished, click the Post button to save as an Activity note. Note: the text will auto-save if you navigate away from the screen before clicking Post and the next time you enter this Service record you will receive an alert stating there is a note waiting to be posted.

5.The note appears in the Activity panel.




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