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The IQ Sets feature allows you to load Contact information into the database from a source file (i.e. .csv, comma or tab delimited .txt) and also processes certain types of incoming emails.  Sets that contain incoming emails are not automatically "posted" into IQ.  These incoming emails are captured in different types of Sets, which allow you to make the choice to include them as Message records in IQ, or to delete the emails before they become Message records.  In this way, you can eliminate "junk" emails or correct incorrect email addresses without creating a record in your database.

Email Sets

Email Sets display incoming emails that have been processed through the Internet Mail Agent (IMA).  Your office may have set up rules to place incoming emails into particular sets based on key words in the content of the email, or based on location of the sender.  Each office may have a few or many Email Sets depending on the processes used to sort and assign incoming email correspondence.

Import Set

Import Sets allow you to load Contact information into IQ from a source file.  You can either load the Contact information only, or you can opt to set up an outgoing Form Letter Message to all imported Contacts. 

Exception Set

IQ automatically creates an Exception Set to capture incoming emails, which have not been processed by an IMA rule.  Often these emails are considered "junk emails" and are not high priority.  You should, however, check the Exception Set on occasion, and delete any emails you do not want to process into your IQ database.

Nondeliverable Set

The Nondeliverable Set is composed of emails that have been sent out by your office and have bounced back, either due to the fact that the email address was not correct, or that the recipient's inbox is full.  In either case, you will want to address these emails, either by enabling the Nondeliverable Rules to process the records automatically or by manually reviewing the records in the Nondeliveralble Set.


Physical Mail Set

Letters which have been saved as .tif or.pdf files can be uploaded into IQ in a Physical Mail Set. IQ will then OCR the contents of the uploaded image files. You can then search for an existing Contact and add a new Contact if a match isn't found. After a Contact record has been selected or created, then a Message record can be created by posting the Set record. 


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