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Use the History Log File                                                                                                  

Use the History Log File

IQ History is an excellent tool for locating records and searches that you have accessed recently. 


1.To locate History, click the icon  to the left of the Shortcuts link.

3.Use the Filter options on the left to locate a particular List (Search Results) or Record by Date, Type, or Module.

4.Once you locate the List or Record you want, click the List or Record link to open it.

Important Note:

There are two History options - one in the IQ4 user interface, and one in the IQ3 interface.  Each History option displays ONLY those records and searches accessed from that interface.  For instance, if you have located a list of Contacts in the IQ4 new interface, the history of that search will not appear if you open the IQ3 interface using the Shortcuts menu.

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