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Create a Multi-Day Event                                                                                                  

Create Multi-Day Events

You can create Multi-Day Events in IQ4.  This allows you to schedule a week-long conference using a single Event record, rather than creating one Event record for each day.

Create a Multi-Day Event

1.Open the Events Menu, and select the Event link in the New column.

2.The Event defaults to your default calendar.  Select additional calendars for this Event if needed.

3.Enter the Start Date and End Date.

4.Enter Start Time for the first day of the Event and End Time for the last day of the Event.

5.Enter Subject information.  Typically this is a description of the Event.

6.Select Sync with Outlook button if you wish to synchronize this Multi-Day Event with your Outlook calendar.


Edit a Multi-day Event

1.Open the Events Menu, and select the Multi-Day Events link in the Find Events column.

2.Open the Mulit-Day Event by clicking on the Name of the Event.

3.Enter the information you wish to change.

4.Use the Save button. 

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