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Color Coding Messages                                                                                                  

Color Coding Messages

You can color-code Messages, so that you can see at a glance the distinction between them.  There are 25 colors available in IQ to code your Messages as you choose.  Only one color may be associated with a Message. You can also search for Messages based on the color.


How to add Color to a Message

1.Locate the Message record you would like to color code.

2.In the Details section, click the Categorize icon to display the color pallet.


3.Choose a color by clicking it.

4.IQ displays the selected color in place of the Categorize icon in the Detail section.



Add Color to a Message in List View

1.Access your messages by selecting My Open from the Messages Big Menu.

2.Locate the message you would like to assign a color.

3.Select the Color in-row action. IQ displays the color palate.

4.Click the color. IQ displays the selected color and it's associated text.


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