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Create IMA Rules from an Email Campaign                                                                                                  

Create IMA Rules from an Email Campaign

You can create an IMA Rule from an email campaign to automatically route future messages in that campaign.

Create IMA Rule from an Email Campaign

1.From the Email Campaign List View, select Build IMA Rule.

1.Filter the content of the email campaign to the language you want to use to build your rule.

2.Use the Next button.

3.Select or de-select specific sentences.

4.Use the Next button.

5.Review the language that will be used to create the Rule.

6.Use the Next button.

7.Select Add Rule in the Actions Menu on the left.

8.Select the action you wish to take

9.Enter all fields as you wish. 

10.When you are finished creating your rule, use the green check mark to Save and Close.

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