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List Actions                                                                                                  

List Actions


Once you have located a list of records to review, you can use the List Actions to select and modify multiple records.



Record Select

Use the check box to select all records.

Use the Range Select icon  to enter a range of records and then click the Select button. Example; 1-5, 8,10. This would select records 1-5, 8 and 10 only.




Select the Analyze button to view the list of records in either a Bar Graph or a Pie Graph



Select Map to view the list of records By Zip, By Count or By State. This view also includes a button to export the records to an Excel Spreadsheet.


Use the Change option to apply one or more changes to multiple selected records.  The Change option is different based on the type of records you are reviewing.



Select this option to place data in a report or export to a spreadsheet or document format.


The More option offers additional functions, such as Save List or Download as Zip File based on the type of record list you are viewing.



Use the Sort option to select the order in which you would like to view the records.

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