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Add a Contact to an Organization                                                                                                  

Add a Contact to an Organization

The primary advantage to linking Contacts with the same Organization is that you can easily locate all members of an organization for mailings or analysis.  The Organization field is also a powerful search tool when looking for a particular Contact.

Add a New Contact to an Organization

1.To add a new Contact to an Organization, open the Contact record for another person in that Organization.

2.Click the plus icon  to the right of the Organization Contacts section heading to add a new member.

3.Type the name of the new Contact. IQ displays a drop-down list of existing Contacts with the same name. Click the name to select it. IQ displays the selected Name and Contact ID or just the name you typed, if no matches are found.

4.Click the Add existing Contact to Organization button.

5.The new Contact record is added with the same Primary Business address as the existing Contact. 

6.Click the name link in the Organization Contacts section to view the new Contact record. 


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