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Delete an Event                                                                                                  

Delete an Event

You may want to remove an Event entirely from IQ.  Usually you would want to do this only if you had made the Event in error.  If the Event is canceled or will otherwise not be attended, you will want to keep the Event in IQ for analysis and historical reference.

Delete an IQ Event

1.To delete an IQ Event, open the Event and use the Action button in the upper right corner of the page.

2.If you want to delete the Event from All Calendars, select the option Delete from All Calendars.  This will cause the Event to be deleted from IQ entirely.  If the Event had been synchronized with Outlook calendars, the Event will be removed from all associated Outlook calendars automatically.

3.If you want to delete the Event from only your default calendar, use the Delete From This Calendar option.  This will allow you to remove the Event from this calendar in both IQ and Outlook, but the Event will remain on all other associated calendars.  Selecting this option will then allow you to remove the Event from individual calendars one at a time.

4.If you want to keep this Event on the default calendar, but remove it selectively from other calendars, use the Skip button and the Delete From This Calendar button to make the appropriate changes. 

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