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Track Changes in HTML Editor                                                                                                  

Track Changes in HTML Editor

The Track Changes feature in an HTML editor works somewhat differently from Track Changes in MS Word.  Here are some things to remember when using Track Changes in the IQ4 HTML editor.

Track Changes

1. Select the  button in the editor’s toolbar to turn on Track Changes.


2. Once Track Changes has been activated, additional options are displayed in the editor's toolbar:

Accept Track Change – Accept a single change in the document.

Reject Track Change – Reject a single change in the document.

Accept All Track Changes – Accept all changes in the document.

Reject All Track Changes – Reject all changes in the document.

Important Note:

When using the “Accept All Changes” or “Reject All Changes” icon in the toolbar, it applies to all changes, regardless of any text highlighted.  You cannot select a paragraph and accept or reject for only that highlighted paragraph.  This works differently than in Word.

Make Untracked Changes - Allows you to make an untracked change while Track Changes are turned on. This tool temporarily turns off tracked changes to allow you to make minor punctuation or other changes. After untracked changes are complete, use the same button to "Track All Changes" again.

Accept All Track Changes and Stop Tracking - Enables you to accept all tracked changes, turn tracking off, and save the Content (returning you to Preview Content mode) all at once. 

Add Comment - Can be used to include a comment about an edit in the document.

Remove Comment - Remove an individual comment from the document.

Remove All Comments - Remove All Comments from the document.

Turn Track Changes On/Off - Toggles Track Changes on and off. Note: The Track Changes button is disabled (grayed out) when there are pending tracked changes. Once all tracked changes have been Accepted or Rejected, the Turn Track Changes Off button is enabled.

Color for Track Changes - Select a color for the content that is changed in the document when Track Changes is turned on.

Important Note:

After all tracked changes are accepted or rejected, press the Track Changes button to turn off Track Changes.  A Template or Form Letter cannot be changed to Approved status, nor can it be customized in a Message, unless TC is turned off.  Additionally, Send for Email and Print Final for US Mail are only allowed for Approved Form Letters assigned to Messages.

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