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Add Legislative Actions                                                                                                  

Add Legislative Actions

Legislative Actions are records you create to track bill introductions, co-sponsorships, amendments, and Dear colleague letters.  You can view the legislation on the Library of Congress Thomas system and link Service records to an Action.  By linking Actions to Service records, you can track support of your office's legislative initiatives.

Create a Legislative Action

To create a new Legislative Action, open the LegiStats Big Menu.

1.Select Legislative Action from the New column.

2.Enter the Action Name

3.Enter the Action Type.  Select from the list in the drop-down menu.

4.Select the Member Role from the drop-down menu.

5.Type a Description.  This is a text entry field, and allows for up to 4000 characters of text.

6.Include any Notes you want to record about this Action.

7.Select a Bill Type from the drop-down list of standard and user defined types.

8.Enter the Bill Number

9.Select the Congress during which this bill was introduced. Note: a "" button will appear when the Bill Type, Bill Number and Congress fields have all been populated and the selected Bill Type is one of the standard types. The "" button will open the bill status summary page from the Library of Congress's web site in a new browser window.

10.Type the name of the staff member responsible for this Action in the Assigned To field. Note: when the "Send Alert When Legislative Action or Vote Assigned" setting under System Settings is checked, that staff member will receive notice of this action.

11.To categorize the Action, you can assign one or more of your office's standard legislative Issue Codes to the Action.

12.Select a related Form Letter(s).

13.Once the Action is completed, enter the date in the Completed field.

14.Select the Success Rating from the drop-down menu.

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