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Searching for Records                                                                                                  

Searching for Records

Find Records from a Menu

1.Open the Menu link.

2.In the Find section, select the query for the records you want to begin to use. 

Advanced Search

1.You can determine the criteria you wish to use by selecting Contact Search.

2.Once the Advanced Search page opens, enter the criteria you wish to use.

Universal Search

The Universal Search field is located in the upper right corner of each Big Menu.  Hover your mouse over the question mark icon  to view a list of information that can be entered into the field in order to find records.

1.Type the information you want to use to locate a single record or a specific list of records in the field.

2.Select the record you wish to view or select Enter to display the entire list of results.

Important Note:

The Tool Tip in the search fields appears on the screen as long as you activate it by holding your mouse over the  icon.

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