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Navigation in IQ4

Big Menus

Use the big menus at the top of the page to locate lists of records, which you can then filter, tag with your own personal organization system, and handle Contact, Message, Outreach, Service, Library, or Event records. IQ Big Menus will collapse when viewing under 450 pixels, such as on mobile devices.

IQ History

Access your personal browsing and record history in IQ.  The History option allows you to locate the last 1000 records and queries you accessed in IQ.  In general, this amounts to about 10 days of average work in IQ.

User Options

Change your password easily, or allow another IQ user to act as you if you will be away from your office for a time.

Analysis and Mapping

Use IQ's robust analysis features, easily sorting and viewing data in bar or pie graphs by codes, categories, assigned users, and more.  IQ4 also contains sophisticated heat mapping software, allowing you to view a list of records based on State, County or Zip Code information.


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