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IQ4 Contacts

IQ Contacts are records of those people that are important to your organization.  Contact records are created automatically for all IQ Users, and are linked to their IQ User IDs.  You can also manually create Contact records for people outside your organization, or import lists of contacts from spreadsheets.  If your IQ is configured to accept incoming emails, IQ will check all existing Contact records to link the email message to the appropriate record.  If it doesn't find a matching Contact, IQ creates a new Contact record.


Contact records are at the heart of the IQ database.  All Messages, Services, Events, Sets and Social Media activities are linked to a Contact record, providing you with a comprehensive record of all interactions your office has had with a person.  You can also build lists of Contact records in order to send Outreach Postal Messages or Outreach eNewsletters. 


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